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Restoration Information


It is the client’s responsibility to ensure rooms are completely empty of furniture and other tradesmen at the start of work. Furniture removal service is available please ask.
We recommend that floors are completed as the final part of a project.


Our sanding process is 95-98% dust-free. Small amounts of dust will be produced. Where we have to use hand sanding or make repairs this may change.


Although due care and diligence will be exercised by James Mabbett Floor Sanding & Restoration,  due to nature of machine work, decoration and skirting may be liable to marking. 


Three coats of lacquer/varnish are standard, with additional coats available if needed.

Seal longevity is dependent on traffic conditions and continued maintenance .

We recommend maintaining floor with professional products only.

Seals are generally touch dry in two hours but it is the client’s responsibility to ensure to make arrangements as necessary so as to avoid contact with seals during curing time.


Floors should not be covered, nor furniture replaced, until curing process is complete. James Mabbett Floor Sanding & Restoration cannot be held liable for marking to floors after the job is complete.



All colour samples are representative and may vary due to individual conditions.


Once colour has been agreed, verbally or otherwise, any changes will be chargeable at full job rate.


It is the client’s responsibility to check colour at moment of application if a true representation is required. Re-colouring will be chargeable at full job rate.

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