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Victorian Pine Floor Restoration

Our Victorian period pine floor restoration services:

  • Replacing unsound and damaged pine boards - we can identify and replace these using reclaimed pine period boards equivalents.

  • Screws and board fixings - replace any screws with appropriate period nails.

  • Gap filling - either fill large gaps with period pine strip fillets or for smaller gaps using sand from the process mixed with a cellulose to produce a good match.

  • Joist repair and renewal - we are able to splice and replace any damaged floor joists.

  • Refinishing – We will sympathetically sand and refinish your pine floor retaining the many years of natural patina that has developed in the wood.

Flood Damaged Floor Restoration

Our  flood damaged floors restoration services:

  • We provide our comprehensive  flood affected floor restorations throughout the UK (except Scotland).

  • We regularly deal with major insurers and loss adjusters along with their dedicated property repair teams and contractors.

  • If you have had a flood event then in most cases we will be able to restore your floor back to its former condition and in many cases your floor  will look better than before.

  • We have built an extensive knowledge base and expertise in disaster event restorative techniques over 20 years.

Parquet Floor Repairs

We can glue down any blocks that are loose prior to sanding and, if need be, source reclaimed parquet to ‘patch in’ areas where you would like to extend the parquet, fill in fire hearths or just replace damaged ones. We use a parquet adhesive which is compatible with bitumen to avoid adhesion problems common in ‘DIY’ parquet repairs.


Very often we can get an exact match. In the event that we can’t get an exact match, we can  recommend a species of wood that matches your flooring the most.  Needless to say, we will do everything we can to get your parquet flooring as perfect as possible.

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