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Parquet installation
Parquet sanded

Parquet installation, repairs and sanding 

With over 20 years of experience in parquet restoration, we tailor our floor sanding method to suit your floor. We take into account wood species, pattern and level of damage. This allows us to provide a finish that is flat, smooth and damage-free, all while removing as little wood as possible.


As a part of our service, we use the fine dust created during the sanding process, to mix with a transparent resin and trowel into the whole floor, filling all the gaps between the blocks. This gives the floor a much fuller appearance. We then sand the floor again to remove the thin coating of resin off of the surface of the floor, leaving the filler only in the gaps.


Parquet floors often look worn and damaged beyond repair before sanding. This often leads people to believe that it has lived out its days. This is not the case. We have revitalised parquet floors up to 100 years old to look almost brand new, much to the client’s delight! If you have lifted the carpet and revealed a floor that looks  unsalvageable think again! It costs you nothing to get the professionals in for a consultation So give us a call!

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